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Al-Ahram Real Estate Company is currently working to implement 40 parallel projects in New Cairo, where an entire residential building is delivered every ten days.

The Nile Real Estate Development Company is implementing the two largest skyscrapers in the middle of the Downtown area in the New Administrative Capital, the first is 31NORTH, and its first phases will be delivered by the end of 2026. The second project is the Nile Business City skyscraper, which is the largest vertical city in Africa and consists of 4 giant towers, including Tycoon Tower, the highest hotel in Africa.

During the next three months, Nile Company will announce its largest projects in New Cairo, to represent a quantum leap in advanced construction in the region

Nile Boulevard

The message is relatively well written, but there are a few errors that need to be corrected. Here’s the edited version:

The Secret of the “Five Singularities” on Nile Boulevard

The Nile Boulevard project confirms that our plan for development and expansion in exceptional urban projects extends to affirm the concept on which the Nile Real Estate Development Company builds its reputation of providing “carefully selected” real estate products. It is a project that combines unique specifications that cannot be repeated in one project: a “unique location” in the settlement on the Suez Road, which represents the largest meeting point between “existing Egypt” and the “next Egypt,” as well as “all services available” inside the compound with housing and entertainment to save time and energy. “Central Park” guarantees an exceptional view and makes the lifestyle in “Nile Boulevard” more attractive. Various spaces suit customers with different needs and their ability to invest in many options. The “French design of great beauty and elegance” takes inspiration from the spirit of Parisian architecture, blending it with modern and sustainable construction. These are the “five unique qualities” that make the end-result of a remarkable project in our hands, with attention to every detail and investment that cannot be compared, serving as a new certificate of excellence added to the record of the achievements of the Nile Company.

31 North

A unique skyscraper and the first Festival Tower located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, with a unique iconic design, and a privileged location in the Downtown area of ​​the New Administrative Capital, with a total area of ​​​​18,306 square meters, and a main facade of 100 meters wide with a charming view of the Green River, and vast green spaces surround it.

The building was designed according to the latest international models to achieve the highest levels of luxury and productivity at the same time. It consists of 31 upper floors, in addition to 5 basement floors.

Tycoon Tower

It is the embodiment of the hotel investment revolution in Egypt and Africa, as this giant building represents the highest five-star hotel in Africa in the New Administrative Capital within the largest vertical city of its kind in Africa, which is Nile Business City.


The tycoon tower announces its prestigious position in the operation and management of the Grand Millennium International Group, which decided to transfer its experience from Downtown Dubai to the Downtown Administrative Capital through Tycoon Tower, with its unique design, breaking all records, as it includes the highest infinity pool in Africa, the best penthouse villas in the Middle East and Africa, and the highest VIP meeting lobby and halls in Africa

Nile Business City

It is a giant project that represents the largest vertical city in Africa that includes 4 skyscrapers simultaneously, including the highest twin towers in Egypt and Africa. Nile Business City occupies an area of ​​296 thousand square meters, equivalent to about 70.5 acres, and a height of 51 floors above the ground.

Nile Business City is located in the golden point in the heart of the Downtown area of ​​the New Administrative Capital, with a facade of more than 200 meters on the Green River and the northern Ben Zayed axis.

Nile Business City represents a unique trend in modern construction with an innovative design, smart infrastructure, and an exceptional location that qualifies the project to become unrepeatable

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