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A special interview with Eng. Mohamed Taher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nile Group and Al-Ahram Real Estate Development, on Tameer program on Aon channel, during which he reviews the developments of the great construction in the skyscraper 31 N in the best location of the New Administrative Capital, how the dream began, why it is the best investment, and the system of working with a huge team of consultants, engineers and workers.


His words at the projects opening



Management 101



"The new smart cities will eliminate the administrative delay that wasted Egypt's resources over the years"
With sincere work, big dreams turn into amazing realities, and every achievement we implement on the ground is a step in our journey to touch the clouds.
"What we aim to build giant skyscrapers is to restore the Egyptian position in engineering and urban development."
"Within a few years, Egypt will compete with Dubai for real estate products of high value and modernity."
Eng. Mohamed Taher
Chairman of the Nile Real Estate Development Board

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