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Engineer Mohamed Taher seeks, through the Nile Real Estate Development Company, to achieve his passion for high-rise buildings and strengthen Egypt’s position in the global competition map for smart building with high-quality standards, Taher graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University in 2004 to start achieving his dream of providing distinguished real estate products in the best locations in New Cairo through Al-Ahram Real Estate Company, and then the Nile Company, which is currently building giant skyscrapers with the latest construction technologies in the Administrative Capital, in addition to a number of mega projects in New Cairo, the North Coast and other distinctive areas, armed with great experiences and studies and believing in the uniqueness of the Egyptian human gene and its ability to build huge achievements that join the immortal achievements of the ancient Egyptians.


"Nile Real Estate Development" records a historic event at the end of 2022 by obtaining the first final license to build skyscrapers in the New Administrative Capital

Nile Real Estate Development is the main sponsor of Zamalek Club

Engineer Mohamed Taher enumerates the gains of the developers from the launch of the Investors Services Portal

An engineer in Mansoura honors his teacher after 30 years and immortalizes his name in a project in the Administrative Capital

Mohamed Taher: The companies cooperated to make the Egyptian pavilion appear in the best way during MIPIM 2023

Nile Real Estate Development participates in the MIPIM exhibition in France through its project "Tycoon Tower", the highest hotel in Africa, with investments exceeding 15 billion pounds

“President of the Nile and the Pyramids”: President El-Sisi has made an unprecedented urban shift in the world of construction and urbanization

Cairo Developers: The Administrative Capital is the first smart and sustainable Egyptian city

Mohamed Taher, President of Nile Real Estate Development: We target EGP 4 billion in sales in the Administrative Capital

"نؤمن أن العزيمة والاستمرارية هما أساس كل عمل ناجح وعظيم، ونحن لدينا الطموح والعزيمة لنقدم إلى بلادنا ناطحات سحاب عظيمة بمواصفات عالمية"
م. محمد طاهر
رئيس مجلس ادارة النيل للتطوير العقاري

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